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“I had US Floors install hardwood throughout the main level of my home. We selected handcrafted, wide-plank hickory hardwood. It is the most beautiful feature of my home and I get compliments from almost everyone that comes to visit. US Floors worked with me on my budget and advised me to wait an extra month so I could get the floor I REALLY wanted. 6 months later, I had them replace the carpet in my family room and on the stairs. I’m very pleased with the final result.”

Luraly W. – Homeowner in Colorado Spring CO More Kind Words


Colorado Hardwood


From solid oak flooring to pre-finished engineered maple; We’ve got you covered.  We’re the Colorado Hardwood specialists.  We use high tech equipment, adhesives, and tools to ensure that your hardwood floor stands the test of time.  We utilize the best hardwood consultants in the state to supply our wood and keep us up to date on the latest trends.  We understand that not only should a hardwood floor be beautiful, it should be built to last.


Hardwood and Humidity in Colorado


Colorado is home to some of the nation’s tallest mountains, most colorful forests, most beautiful streams, and the driest air!  Such a low level of relative humidity creates a large challenge for homeowners with hardwood floors.  Because hardwood reacts to the changes in the moisture content of the air, certain precautions must be taken before installation so that the floor doesn’t buckle, crack, cup, split, or gap.


Dry Hardwood = Attractive Floor


Buying premium hardwood doesn’t make sense for everyone, but whenever possible, we recommend premium hardwood milled right here in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Most hardwood liquidation companies get seconds and rejects from back east.  This moisture soaked lumber carries the humidity from the east coast with it all the way into your home.  As it dries out, it shrinks.  We don’t recommend buy anything from east coast lumber mills until you talk to an expert in Colorado conditions and in best practices for hardwood installation.


A Signature of Elegance

Hardwood floors have proven to be a timeless and beautiful, yet durable, surface in home décor. That is why we install so many of them. But, we are also often asked to look at hardwood floors that have become, worn, dull, scratched, or subjected to other damage that effects the beauty of this flooring surface. Most other flooring surfaces that would fit this description would have to be replaced. True hardwood flooring, in many cases, can be either resurfaced or re-sanded to be brought back to life. Resurfacing, also known as a screen and coat or maintenance coat, is simply and lightly abrading the top coat or finish, which acts as the wear layer to hardwood flooring, and applying a new layer or layers over the top.

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