A Natural Solution for Cleaning Your Floor

These days, it can be dreadful to look at an the ingredients on the back of anything you buy and see tons of words you’ve never heard — even in that one chemistry lecture you went to in college before dropping the class.

And guess what?! If you don’t feel like making them yourself, no problem. In this age, where we’re all CRAZY busy, natural or eco-friendly cleaning products are a viable and accessible option in grocery stores.

But there are so many options. So which should you choose? Here are a couple that we recommend:

Aussan Natural Floor Cleaning Concentrate
This botanically-based floor-cleaner is heavy-duty and can be used on anything from tile to hardwood. If you’ve got a new little addition to your family, you can feel comfortable letting them crawl around or play on your newly-cleaned floors, because it doesn’t leave residue behind and it’s non-toxic!

Ecover Natural Floor Soap
Not only is this floor cleaner biodegradable, but it’s made for natural, porous floor like linoleum or marble. Its ingredients are mineral based and derived from things like flax seeds.

Simple Green Naturals Floor Care
This earth-friendly spray is great for laminate, tiles, finished wood, slate… anything. It’s biodegradable, naturally sourced, and works on eroding soils and residues like a charm!

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